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I have been a student of yoga for most of my adult life.  My first encounter goes back to early 2000 when fresh out of college with a degree in Economics I met my first teacher Kim Roberts in Paris. Promptly I became drawn to the discipline of Ashtanga Yoga and the transformation of mind, body and spirit that it engenders. For many years, I kept practising the series on my own, and eventually, attended in 2003 an immersion with Sri Pattabhi Jois in London. I continued so on the path of yoga all throughout my MBA and alongside my 10+year Finance career. In 2007, I embarked on an evolutionary journey with my root teacher Shiva Rea at Samudra Global School of Living Yoga, attending retreats and immersions in the USA, UK, Costa Rica, Greece, Germany and online, which led me to certifying as a Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher. 

My explorations into yoga were mostly motivated at first by the necessity to find balance as life ebbs and flows. Becoming an adult, motherhood, dealing with sickness, grievance and loss of loved ones, mourning, enjoying youth and friendships, dealing with stressful working environment are all experiences that benefit from a solid and regular yoga practice. Consequently, as yoga was becoming an ever so integral and inseparable part of life, travelling to study and practise, the awakening to the profound impact of yoga to mind, body and spirit opened the doorway for sharing knowledge, experiences, yoga asana and wisdom with others. So as I left my banking job to be with my three children, the urge to teach was becoming ever so organic.  I felt inspired to unveil the intrinsic spiritual hero and teach from the heart with deep care and unwavering contentment.

In 2016 I certified with Jo Manuel at Special Yoga Foundation London and Ayala Homossany at Enchanted Wonders to teach Yoga and Mindfulness to Children. In June 2018 I completed the Teacher Program with Charlotta Martinus at Teen Yoga Foundation and started teaching Teenagers and Young Adults as well.

I teach Ashtanga having completed the Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor in London and Boulder Colorado. 

My practice is profoundly influenced by the teachings of great teachers who have enriched me on different levels: Shiva Rea, Twee Merrigan, Stewart Gilchrist, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Amy Ippoliti, Ayala Homossany, Mary Taylor, Richard Freeman.

I teach Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yoga and Mindfulness to Children (Yoga to Teenagers coming in the Fall) in London, Paris, South of France. I am inspired and I inspire fellow yoga students on the path. I continue to study yoga asana and philosophy every day.

Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher - Credentials:

* 200-HR Certified Prana Flow Teacher and Trance Dance with Shiva Rea at Samudra Global School of Living Yoga - Costa Rica, Greece, Munich, and London (2007-2015)

* 200-HR Certified Ashtanga Vinyasa with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor – London and Boulder, Colorado (2017)

* Diploma for Teaching yoga and mindfulness to children - with Jyoti (Jo) Manuel and Ayala Homossany at Special Yoga Foundation, London (2016)

* Enchanted Wonders Qualification for developing children's creativity and imagination - with Ayala Homossany at Special Yoga Foundation, London (2016)

* Diploma for Teaching yoga and mindfulness to young people (Teenagers 12-18 years old) - with Charlotta Martinus at YogaCampus London (June 2018)

* 20-HR Embodied Yoga Philosophy Continuing Education (Feb 2018)


Sev a été initiée à l'Ashtanga Yoga par Kimberly Roberts à Paris, et ensuite a eu l'incroyable opportunité de faire un stage en 2003 avec le grand maître et fondateur de cette descendance Sri K Pattabhi Jois. Son exploration dans la fluidité du mouvement organique la conduit ensuite vers la pratique de Prana Vinyasa avec Shiva Rea avec qui elle travaille sur son certification de professeur de Vinyasa Yoga et Trance Dance à partir de 2007. Son style d'enseignement aujourd'hui reste influencé par l'incarnation de la fluidité dans la pratique des asanas, tout en l'enrichissant avec ses explorations dans d'autres philosophies et écoles de yoga - Kundalini, Anusara, Special needs, Prenatal et postnatal, Tantric schools, Boudhisme. La cadence de vie avec trois enfants lui dévoile la nécessité d'infuser le quotidien des enfants avec plus de conscience et appréciation du moment présent. Alors, elle se tourne vers ses mentors Ayala Homossany et Jyoti Manuel de Special Yoga Foundation pour l'accompagner dans les apprentissages et l'initiation des tout petits au monde du yoga. Depuis quelques années, en plus de l'enseignement de Vinyasa Flow, Sev est dédiée aux enfants dans leur découverte de la paix intérieure, de la gaité à travers le mouvement, de la confiance en soi, la force intrinsèque pour gérer les émotions et les agitations dans un monde en croissance accélérée. 

Sev pratique Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. Elle est profondément inspirée par l'enseignement de Richard Freeman et Mary Taylor avec qui elle a terminé cet été sa certification Vinyasa Ashtanga, ainsi que par la pratique urbaine avec Stewart Gilchrist à Londres.

Sev est professeure certifiée par Yoga Alliance pour enseigner le yoga aux adultes et aux enfants.